Benefits of Veganics


Benefits of Veganics

After 20 years of organic growing Veganic cultivation is the logical “next-step” for me. I’m not trying to “poo-poo” on organic cultivation. Pardon the pun. I am trying to elevate the cultivation of cannabis flowers to the highest level of purity possible. And who knows, perhaps someday you’ll be able to purchase Veganic peaches at the grocer.

Veganic simply means no animal derived products are used. Veganic nutrients rely on proprietary formulations of fermented plant solubles for the majority of their nutritive power. Vegamatrix nutrients are over 95% natural and organic, with only the required amounts of naturally mined minerals for superior growth. Others are comprised of 50% or more synthetics and mineral salts, making them closer to chem to me.

Animal by-products take a long time to fully breakdown. In order for plants to metabolize the nutritive properties the process of decomposition makes them available. During this process and after the nutrition is metabolized there are residues left behind. Over time residue builds up, eventually having a negative effect on soil pH. These residues affect the taste of the finished product and are impossible to completely flush from the flowers. You can taste it no matter what you do.

This earthy flavor has always been preferred when compared to chemically produced flowers. But compared to Veganically grown flowers it seems harsh. This is because nutrients derived from plants leave no residue behind. The actual nutrition in the nutrients are nearly 100% bio-available. The only thing left behind after your plants metabolize the nutrients is complex carbohydrates. This in turn feeds the microbes in the soil.

Chemical nutrients which are primarily synthetically derived mineral salts are as unhealthy as they are effective. They work extremely well, but at what cost? You are what you eat, and so are your plants. No matter how hard you flush you won’t be able to change the fact that every cell of your plant was built with synthetics. YUCK!

Veganic cultivation allows you to grow the healthiest plants possible. The healthiest plants naturally produce the most resin and highest yields. The clear choice for superior cannabis cultivation is VEGANICS.