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    I am going to try and explain my question so that the advanced growers can understand in hopes that it make sense.

    I am curious of the T.H.C Percentage in a strain and how it is effected by the way it is grown.

    Example: If Grower A grows the Blue Dream Strain and does a so-so job at doing so and has little experience in growing will the T.H.C. / C.B.D percentage be the same as if grower B “who has a great deal of experience” grows the same strain.

    In other words, if you have a good strain and it is grown in 2 different environments, one being good and the other not so good, would the T.H.C, / C.B.D content of the finished product be the same? I realize that the density and general aesthetics will be different, but I am not sure of what else is lost.

    I ask this because I have grow a very popular, high T.H.C. content strain and thought that I did an OK job with the entire process and am not satisfied with the finished product.

    Thanks for the help…



    its all about genetics but yes potency can vary on the same plants so the more experience you got the more potential the plant being at her prime and that includes potency hope this helps



    Get the seeds. If you don’t already have some, you can buy some good Quality Marijuana seeds in our Seedshop or, you can ask your friends to save you seeds out of any good grass they may come across.



    M&M you have a seed shop? Let us know!!!


    Kyle Kushman

    Peak THC levels, along with all the other cannabinoids are genetically determined.
    That said, it’s no different with any other consumable crop, the grower is the weak link. He can not improve the genetic potential. Only help the plant to express it fully or not.
    There are probably dozens of factors which contribute to the final product being potent and flavorful. Everything the grower does right brings you one step closer to full expression. Everything you do wrong makes it a little harder to achieve…:-)



    So basically a weak grower can give a great strain a bad name? Correct?


    Kyle Kushman

    That’s correct.
    And a great grower can’t improve the genetic potential. Only help the plant to express it fully, or not…:-)



    I have so many questions, sorry!!
    Do you think a strain can reach full potential by using synthetics? I would think that this would be impossible and the main reason I am trying to switch to Veganics, I have a strong belief that if it wasn’t made from Mother Earth, it wasn’t meant for Mother Earth, ” Hippy, I know”. With that said, do you think a strain could reach F P, indoors? I just read a great article in HT Mag about “How To Grow A Cup Champ”, it stated that all 23 winners that they did a study on were grown indoors. I find it so very interesting that the majority of the outdoor growers that I know use nothing but synthetics, and the majority of the indoor growers that I know are growing Organic or Veganic, or working towards that.

    I would love to be able to say that I grew out a girl to her full potential in a completely natural situation with natures tools.. How close to this do you think you are to accomplishing this? I know that you were one of the 23 in the Cup Champ article!


    Kyle Kushman

    It’s the price and convenience. Out door growers would have to lug tons of organic amendments out to rugged growsites. So they choose to buy a few high-powered sacks of jet fuel synthetics. Most cannabis grown is grown for one purpose, MONEY…

    It’s just more practical for indoor growers to spend top dollar for ingredients and take time to educate themselves on new techniques.

    As for a plant reaching it’s full potential on synthetics. NEVER. So long as you include overall healthfulness of the medicine. Your throat will tell you EVERY TIME which one is more harmful.

    The plants may very well be just as potent and have the same yield. But the flavor and overall smokability can’t be compared. Veganac or Organic is the only thing I’ll smoke…:-)

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