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    Every time i have to fill my username and my password and i check the ”remember me” thing but WHY i have to login every time even if i checked the ”remember me” thing ?


    and why we can no longer do a research on the message board?


    Thank you





    Hello friends!

    Where to begin?


    for starters, thank you for setting up a website where a community interested in these topics can meet. I tend to favor this over others because it is new and fresh. That means to me that beautiful things will be happening here in the coming months and I hope to be there along with you guys and everyone else too!


    I was mostly interested in getting to know everyone involved here on this site and/or in the community (I’m in Santa Rosa, the 95401 section). But, to my dismay I didn’t find a topic specific tab 🙁


    I envision this to be assimilated to a cafe or a public park; with the exception of the “location” being online, as opposed to being in a physically tangible area. With the intention that the free flow of knowledge and new ideas can be immediately shared and disseminated to our would-be; or better yet WILL-BE colleagues.


    My name is Evan Sharpe, age 24.


    P.S. Is Kyle and/or associates interested in taking on any “apprentices” or employees? Professional credentials can be provided upon request!


    Thanks  you,




    I want to apologize for copying and pasting the same message in several topic boards. But I can not think of a better way to meet the community.

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