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    Hey everyone! Follow me on my second grow odyssey as I grow the Deadhead OG strain (feminized) from seed to flower! My first grow was an amazing learning experience and I learnt a lot from the terrific members in our Kush community! Deadhead OG is 55/45 Sativa/Indica hybrid. According to Cali Connections it should flower between 60 and 65 days.

    Im growing in a DR 60 Secret Jardin grow tent and am using a Sunleaves IV T5 lamp for the seedling stage. Its 96 watts and puts out 7200 lumens. I’ll switch over to a 150 watt hps lamp later on. The soil Im using right now is Happy Frog organic from Fox Farm. I will switch over to Ocean Forest later in the vegetation stage.

    I germinated the seed on August 22 using a cup of water. After 8 hours I moved the seed to a wet paper towel and 3 days later it had a nice long taproot. I transplanted it into the moist Happy Frog soil and it popped out of the soil last night August 28.

    I hope you all will join me on my journey again! I still have a lot to learn!



    Here’s her this morning with her cotyledon!



    Here’s her this morning. The temp is 88F and 38% humidity.



    Morning everyone! I hope everybody has a great day today!




    Noodle you make me smile BIG TIME!!! BIG HUGS ~~~;-D



    Thanks Braveheart! You guys inspired me so I should thank you all! I hope some of us get to meet up one day at a cannabis cup. Id like to get some firsthand knowledge. Talk to you all later!









    love it noodle! I’ve got Tahoe OG fems from cali connect right now, I’ve been lucky enough to find an amazing phenotype that I’m mothering.



    Thanks VinDiesel. Ive never had Tahoe OG, how is that from them?
    The first time I tried Deadhead was at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo when they took over downtown Oakland for 2 days. I was blown away by the bud and was lucky enough to have a single seed in the bud. That seed became my very first grow attempt and kickstarted my fascination with the cannabis plant and its growth. Not knowing anything, I planted it outside late in the season and it didn’t amount to much. Even got bud rot. But it taught me a lot and now Im trying it again.

    I’ve been researching the FIM and topping techniques again recently and when to do them. I think I will be trying the FIM technique this time. It seems to be less stressful on the plant and produces 4 shoots instead of 2. I topped my plant last grow and that seemed to work fine but it will be interesting to see the results of this grow. I’ve been reading that its best to fim at the 3 and 5 internode. And I believe Braveheart said in one of his post that he likes to do it at the 3rd internode. Please correct me if I’m wrong Braveheart. I’m leaning on the 3 or 4 internode. I will also be trying some LST training by twisting and snapping the stems, seems to be all the rage nowadays.

    Here’s some pics of her yesterday and today. Although she may look small, she’s coming along just nice.



    Looking good Noodle, Noodle over the years I have found that the topping technique is a lot less stressful on a plant than the fim technique. When you top a plant you still have growth growing. When you fim a plant you cut off the stem down to the base of you first leaf set or sometimes right above the Cotyledons, this stresses the plant to work overtime and forces it to grow branches. There is nothing wrong with experimenting though Noodle, thats how you learn how to grow Cannabis the way you like to grow it. If your gonna top her wait until after the fifth node grows and cut it off so you have four nodes growing underneath. Noodle if your growing only one plant follow me on the BraveHeartLand thread, I’ll help you learn how to NW PowerCrop. One Love Little GrowBro, I really like how clean your growing area is ~~~;-D



    Thanks for all the help Braveheart! You’ve given a lot of us some great advice here on the forum and I want you to know we all appreciate your support!

    I apologizes to everyone for the lack of updates. I have not been able to access my account here for the past week or so. It kept sending me to a white error page.

    Last night I transplanted my deadhead og into a 3 gallon container. She’s in full veg right now. Her roots were nice and thick. I changed my setup just a tad. I placed my fluorescent t5 lamp in the back for supplemental lighting and I put my 150hps above my plant. My heat jumped up as you’ll see in the pictures so I placed an extra fan inside to circulate the air and push the hot air out. I haven’t decided whether I should top or fim her yet. I’m leaning more towards topping her just because I’ve done it before and know the technique. Braveheart also mentioned that its less stressful then the fim technique. And I think less stress is always best.
    Anybody else have any thoughts on those techniques?



    Here’s a whole bunch of pics!

    I saw a few yellow spots on this leaf and didn’t know could have caused it but it seems to have worked through it.

    Here’s her root ball.
    And here’s the new setup!



    Here’s her this morning 9-15
    I’m going to top her soon. Since a lot of people seem to top early around the 3rd or 5th internode.



    I topped her this morning everyone. I’m going to wait a little while she recovers before starting the snap technique. If any cultivator on here see’s anything I can improve upon please tell me. I can only get better through experience.



    PERFECTO!!! Great job topping your lady Noodle, couldn’t of done better myself ~~~;-) That is a great idea placing the T-5 in the back for supplemental lighting, but is totally unnecessary at this moment in your young lady’s life. Let’s work on lowering the temperature, atmosphere and lighting are so crucial to a healthy plant. Noodle place your lamp 16″ away from your plant. And is there anyway to bring cooler air into the bedroom your tent is in? Are you turning your light off for four hours a day during the hottest part of the day? Do you have an organic bug spray to spray once a week or every other week? I got your back Noodleroni!!!



    Thanks for all the questions Braveheart!
    Yes temperature has been my biggest concern lately. At the hottest part of the day it reached 91F degrees. For this grow I was trying to lower some of my electricity comsumption. So I’ve kept my exhaust fan off since the beginning and was just leaving my tent door open with two fans on the inside blowing the hot air out. But with the temps so hot here, it looks like I’ll have turn my exhaust fan on.
    I did not turn my light off at the hottest part of the day, I just normally turn the ac on. Trufully I didn’t think that was an option. I would have thought that turning the light off and then on again after a while would have caused stress. I’ve been keeping her on the typical 18 on 6off cycle. Have you used that lighting technique before? Did you see any stress from your plants? I’d like to hear more on that.
    I haven’t been using my t5 since placing in the back. I just wanted to set it up before she got to big and to save time.
    Also I am spraying her once a week with Safer Insect Killing Soap and Safer Yard and Garden alternating each week. Both are listed OMRI. The active ingredient in the soap is potassium salts of fatty acids and the active ingredient in the other is pyrethrins.
    Thanks for the help Braveheart. She’s currently at 86F.



    Great work Noodle, I guess what I was trying to ask is if you are running an 18-6 or 20-4 light schedule does your light turn off during the hottest part of the day? How often are you watering and have you used any nutrients yet? Are you using tap water? I’m just asking you all these questions so we have a good feel of your garden and how we can help you achieve a beautiful harvest. ~~~;-D



    Oh I totally understand Braveheart. Im still new at this after all and I want to learn as much as I can, so ask away! I’ll try to keep up! Right now I’m on the18-6 schedule. I have it set so it comes on at 4am and shuts off at 10pm. I never consider programming the timer to shut off at the hottest part of the day. I’ll have to try that next time. When she was in the smaller container I was watering her every 2 days or so. When I transplanted her into the larger container its been 3 days. Im going to water her tomorrow with a light helping of nutrients. I haven’t used any nutrients yet, just plain bottled spring water by zephyrhills. For nutrients I’ll be using Humboldt Natural Grow and Bloom along with CaMg+ and hygrozyme. My soil is a 50/50 mixture of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest.

    If using a 20-4 schedule, when you switch over to flower would it be 14-10 or would go to the normal 12-12 schedule?



    Nice!!! That’s why were here Noodle to help each other figure it all out lol ~~~;-D. Yea by turning your lights off during the hottest part of the day really helps out. Sounds like your getting the hang of watering really well. The type of soil you are using has nutrients in it to keep a plant going for a little while, so when you start using your nutrients start off at half dose strength except for your CaMg+, us it at its regular dose. Anytime you are using purified or reverse osmosis water you want to add CaMg because it is all cleaned out of the water from the purifying process. When running a 20-4 light schedule you would switch over to the normal 12/12 or 11/13. I was listening to Kyle at the Seattle Cannabis Cup during the grow forum and he was saying that he really likes running 20/4 light schedule during Veg because a lot of the new hybrids like to start premature flowering during the 18/6. Hope this is helping you Noodle, did you raise your light to 16″-18″ just to start until your plant gets used to the high pressure bulb. The CaMg and raising the light will stop that yellowing. When switching from a fluorescent light bulb to a metal halide or hps light bulb you want to have the mh/hps bulb higher than the fluorescent bulbs was. Those bulbs run a lot hotter and are more powerful on the plant so a gradual increase closer to plant always does the trick. We have to be careful not to burn or shock our lovely ladies. ~~~;-D



    Getting the hang of when to water was my biggest challenge my first grow. So I’m glad that bit has gotten easier. As well as maintaining the right pH in the water. I remember last grow you helped me out by reminding me that those soil’s contained lime which helps buffer the pH. Before you corrected me I was over adjusting the pH which was messing up the nutrient uptake on my plant.
    I did raise my 150hps up a little more so its about 15” above her now, that also helped lower the temps a little.
    I was trying to find that grow forum online hoping someone filmed it but no luck yet. The only one I found so far was the forum on dabs.
    Im gonna have to write some questions down because I got a lot of quesions on different topics I want to ask.
    As always thanks for the help Braveheart! I’ll be posting some more pics tomorrow after I water her.



    So unfortunately my pH tester’s batteries wore out so I wasn’t able to pH the solution or runoff yet. But I’ll be pickin up new batteries for next time.
    This morning was the first time feeding her nutrients.
    I gave her:
    4ml of Humboldt Natural Grow
    4ml of CaMg+
    8ml of Hygrozyme
    1ml of Superthrive.
    Here’s her right after feeding.



    Ok everybody here’s a quick update.
    So last week when I did my first watering with nutrients my pH tester had dead batteries so I went out and got new batteries for this feeding. It’s been a few since watering her, my second feedin was on 9/23/13. I gave her the same amount of nutrients as the first feeding which included;
    4ml of CaMg+, 4ml of Humboldt Natural Grow, 8ml of Hygrozyme and 1ml of Superthrive all added to a gallon of Zypherhills bottled water. I get a 5 gallon jug each time. The plain water came to 7.7pH. After adding my nutrients it dropped down to 6.2pH. After feeding my runoff came out to 5.2pH.
    At the time of feeding my runoff pH had me a little worried but after doing some reading on optimum pH and nutrient levels I’m bit more confident with myself.
    I also trimmed some of the larger fan leaves to allow more light penetration. My humidity that day was at 47% and my temperature was 82F. My temperature hasn’t risen past 84F since turning on my exhaust fan.

    As you know I topped her already but I have some follow up questions.
    How many times do you top? (If at all)
    What pH do you like to get your nutrients at before feeding?
    Can you top the lower branches and get a higher yield?


    Here’s an image of optimum pH levels for soil from one of my many books.



    Yesterday 9/27/13 I watered her with plain water for her third feeding. It’s pH was 7.2. After watering her with a gallon of plain water my runoff pH was 6.0.



    A quick update on my deadhead og grow.
    I switched over to flower last Sunday 10/11/13. I wanted to veg longer to get the canopy even but I’m cutting close to the end of my lease. According to Cali Connection the Deadhead OG it should flower within 60 to 65 days, and that puts it a couple of weeks before Christmas. 🙂 I’ve got 4 T-5 lamps in the back and my 150hps over the top of her. I rotate every day and tomorrow I’ll be feeding her again. I added a bamboo stick for one of my branches to add extra support.
    Hey Braveheart do you think I should upgrade to a bigger container?




    My plain water pH was 7.2
    After adding my nutrients my pH was 6.3
    I added:
    4ml Natural Grow
    2.5ml Natural Bloom
    4ml Hygrozyme
    My runoff pH came to 5.8.



    So I woke up today to disappointment. I believe my deadhead og has either a calcium or magnesium deficiency problem. From what I read so far I’m thinking its a calcium defiency because of the yellowing of the leaves and the brown spots. It really startled me because of how fast it showed signs. It has literally been 1 day.

    What do you all think? Is my diagnosis correct.
    If so, should I up the CaMg+ next feeding or should I do it now. Last feeding I gave her 4ml of CaMg added to a gallon of water.




    Hey Hey Noodle, it’s a little to late to transplant into a larger pot. It would have had to been done before you flowered. You don’t want to take any chances shocking your plant during flowering. The bottom leaves look a little bit over watered and a tiny bit of camg nutrient, go ahead and bump your camg to 8 ml, but first just use one plain watering the next time you feed, no nutrients. Looking good Noodle, I’m excited to see the DeadHead.



    Noodle how are you, is your Dead Head OG lady doing OK GrowBroski?



    She’s looking great Braveheart! I think increasing the CaMg to 8ml did the trick. I’ll know for sure after tomorrow’s feeding. It hasn’t gotten any worse so I think we’re in the clear. Today I cut 2 of the lower branches off because they were small and won’t amount to much. I wish I had a setup to clone because those branches were perfect.
    Last feeding
    Plain water 7.1pH
    8ml CaMg+,4ml Humboldt Bloom, 4ml Hygrozyme and 2.5ml Humboldt Grow.
    My nutrient solution came to 6.2pH. My runoff came to 5.3pH.




    ~~~:-D I’m Happy Happy forya Noodle, how are under the leafs looking, keep an eye out for any bugs, if you want to do a light spray on her before she starts to develop young flowers, this is your chance GrowBro



    Here’s a quick update for everyone. Sorry for not updating sooner. I’ve been out a lot collecting petitions and was recently in a car accident so I haven’t been able to get online recently. Well it’s now the beginning of the 4th week in flower, day 23. I got some nice little flowers forming already. I’m debating if I should cut any more lower branches off. I hope everyone in team Kushman is doing ok and may us all have a bountiful harvest :). I’ll end with some pictures of her from this evening.










    sorry guys the sites doin some weird stuff with the posting…I would clean up the bottom third of the plant.. Meaning remove all nodes and growth just leaving the top 2/3 of plant growth.. This will create bigger, fatter top buds and eliminate all that junk bottom growth that only produces airy underdeveloped buds. I usually just pick out an imaginary line on my plants and clean everything off the plant up to that line… I do this about a week before flower and sometimes 1 week after flower is initiated, depending on how stretchy the strain is, but don’t worry youre not too far along to do this, u can lollipop your plants all thru flower just don’t go up it too much 🙂



    Thanks TC. I took your advice and cut some of the lower growth off. Although it’s not fully 2/3rds because I don’t have an even canopy. I hope others chime in on this as well. Here’s what I did his morning after feeding her.
    Plain water pH 7.4. I added 8ml of CaMg+, 8ml of Hygrozyme, 6.5ml of Humboldt Natural Bloom and 4ml of Humboldt Honey. My nutrient solution came to 5.9pH and my runoff was 5.4pH.



    Noodle where are you Buddy, you doin Ok Broski?



    Hey Braveheart! My apologizes everyone for not being around. I’m been super busy. I went to my cousin wedding last weekend and saw the Book of Mormon as well (definitely a must see if you haven’t yet, any South Park fan would love it). I’m also in the process of transferring colleges and planning my hiking trip next year through the Appalachian Trail which will take almost 6months to hike from Georgia to Maine.

    My Deadhead OG is doing great! Surprisingly I’m seeing that the middle buds have a higher concentration of trichromes than the top colas that I can see. I was wondering why that might be?
    In retrospect I should have lollipoped? them better and higher. Some of the lower branches will only have popcorn nugs, but everything counts in my mind.
    She got a couple red hairs popping up now! I haven’t looked at her with my microscope yet since she still has a couple weeks to go. I didn’t want to chance hurting any of the trichs. The prospective finish is December 5. I spread some of the colas to let the light penetrate better.
    Let me know what you guys think?

    Looking at the pics again just make me smile 🙂






    Hey everybody!
    I’m exactly 11 days from harvest according to the 60 day flowering time from Cali Connection but it looks like it’ll be a little bit longer but I’m getting really excited!

    I wanted to hear from everyone about their drying and curing process. My last grow I dried the entire plant whole and I let it dry out to much so my cure wasn’t that good. I didn’t get them to sweat if that makes since.

    Any tips?




    Yeaaaaa Noodle, for only your third plant you keep making substantial progress, how is she looking today?



    It’s all thanks to you Braveheart, Kyle and team Kushman!
    Tomorrow will be my last full day of lights and then 2 days of darkness, so I should harvest on sunday!
    I took a look at her this morning and her trichs are milky white and cloudy! Tell me what you think team Kushman!




    Just finished my first harvest with the DeadHead OG strain and Im very satisfied with my results! I got my DeadHead OG strains from Cali Connection, they were feminized and the breeders harvest date was between 60-65 days. I harvested my plant after 64 days. This harvest I decided to cut each individual branch to hang dry instead of hanging the entire plant like my first grow. I liked this method but it was a lot more work than my first time. I also tried a different approach at trimming this go round. On half of my branches I cut the sugar leafs off so it was mainly all bud and on the other half I did not trim them as close leafing the majority of the sugar leafs on. I did this for two reasons. First I wanted to see if there would be a noticeable difference in the taste/smoke of it and the second reason being i just couldn’t bring myself to waste that trim since I don’t use it to make anything else with it.
    After drying, it took 4 days, I weighed out the buds as well as the dried branches afterword. it was really cool seeing how such a light branch could hold so much bud without snapping. After weighing my bud, I discovered this harvest was a little less than my first grow. It weighed out to a little less than 3 ounces at only 79.47 grams. Still Im very happy with my harvest and hope to continue improving my growing techniques with time, but I think I hit my limits with my 150HPS though, I might have to convert to a larger lamp.
    Thanks for all the help Team Kushman! This really is the best site for novice growers.

    Let me know what you think about my harvest as well as what strain I should try next.

    Also forgot to mention this, I won some Veganic Special Sauce from OG Tea during one of their facebook contests so Im very excited to use this on my next grow!



    nice journal mate! love it



    Thanks Asuna! Im still a novice grower and have a lot to learn but I hope you can learn from my mistakes.



    Nice Thread as always Noodle, we love watching you Growing Growing ~~~:-D. What type of strain were you thinking?



    I still can’t manage to trim my buds as nice as the others on here. I just can’t bring myself to cut off those sugar leaves as close as some others. Did anyone else have trouble getting used to trimming so close?
    Braveheart I’m thinking of growing a feminized Humboldt Seeds Organizations Blue Dream.
    Anyone familiar with this strain or breeder?
    Could anyone else recommend a nice strain to try?

    When I took this first picture I was imagining laying on the ground floor of a cannabis field, just watching the clouds pass overhead.



    Im So Happy forya Noodle, have u figured out which strain you’d like to grow next GrowBroski?



    Thanks Braveheart we’re all super excited down here! Now we just have to be patient and keep playing the waiting game because we won’t be able to vote until november and then we will have to wait an additional 6 months before its implemented. Im hoping on finding an internship or volunteer oportunity with someone with their grow or in a dispensary/co-op to get some real work experience before the law takes effect. Just so Im ready. This time, Im thinking of trying out the Jack Herer strain from GHS. I have two feminized seeds of those and was also going to try my luck at cloning this go round as well. But before I start Im making my setup cleaner and more efficient and getting a head of my school work so I can be more attentive to my ladies when they germinate.
    Im also thinking about upgrading my light to either a 200watt or 400 watt lamp. I was looking at the micro sun but wasn’t sure if the 400 watt would be to hot for my current setup and tent. Both the 250 and 400 can switch between HPS and MH bulbs and both are the same size. Any suggestions on a better lamp that can fit a DR60 tent?



    love it noodle. thanks for updating
    get ahead in thst school work! go do your best! 🙂



    Alright GrowBroski, like Asuna said thank you NOODLE. That is all exciting news, I cant wait to see how the Jack Herer turns out. Noodle sunleaves brand is kind of cheaper quality products, they don’t last as long. If you can I would look into getting a 400-600 watt digital ballast with a decent air venting hood, get a fan and vent that hot air out and keep the tent cool, this way if you feel your tent can handle a stronger bulb you can insert a 600 watt.



    Hi Noodles
    From looking at your photos I can tell you with experience that Ocean Forest and Happy Frog could have been the root of your problem.
    Looks like you used the soil right out of the bag, Ocean Forest runs really hot with Nutes and it is highly advisable to cut with lots of perlite, vermiculite and or coco. Happy Frog is milder but you should cut it as well. The shit retains a lot of water and can water log your plants easily if not cut as well thus suffering over watering, Nute lock out is notorious as wel which looks like you had a case of. Don’t get me wrong these are both great soils, but with a little amendment it can be better for your plants and retain greener foliage to the end.

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