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    Hello everyone,

    We have made some changes to the feed chart that was available online and at your local store make sure you take a look, print it out, and follow the new chart! The nutrient calculator on the app and web page has also been updated! If you haven’t downloaded the Vegamatrix app and the kyle kushman app you should its available on Android and Apple!

    As always LightSpeedGrows,

    Have a great growing day with a feel good vibe!




    is there a app for the feeding chart


    Colorado Kid

    The app has a calculator, just put in growth phase (grow/bloom), enter whether you are mixing up in gallons or liter, then how much water you are adding nutes to. It will calculate the amount of nutes you need to add to your reservoir. It will bring up the option to select which week after you run the calculation.



    The new feed chart and calculator have been updated in the Vegamatrix APP it is available for both iPhone and Android.



    Is there an updated chart that has the big and sticky on it yet if so that would be awesome iv just been starting out in week two at four mil per gallon and increasing up to 15 per gallon around week 4 and 5 through week 9 I’m on a 10 week schedule any pointers would be awesome thank you





    sleeze your answer is on
    good effort in your research.



    Look for a new powerhouse feeding schedule soon!

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