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    Lets all design our own soil for vegan perfection.

    No guanos!

    No perlite!

    Only animal product is EWC (earth worm castings)

    Any takers?

    I’m tired of the cost of soil.

    I get coco really cheap. Maybe a good base?

    Vegan compost?


    Mycos.and beneficials


    Maybe some humus.

    Ive never done this so I really would like some advice.



    Struggler, your awesome. You reminded me of when I first learned how to blend my own mixes. All of your ingredient’s look good, I would start with mostly coco and maybe a little sphagnum. Keep charts of your recipes so you know which batch worked better than the others. Let us know what you create Mad Scientist Struggler.



    Any comments on Black Gold Natural & Organic soil? How about adding additional earth worm castings as well? I have my own worm farm so other than brewing up tea, would it hurt to add castings?



    D Man, Black Gold is a great soil. But it sound like with your outdoor it might be cheaper and better results if you look into your local nurseries to see if they have a designer potting soil that they make with worm castings in it at a better bulk rate. Or you could add your own castings, I love adding worm casting as a top dress every time I transplant. That is a SUPER BONUS that you have your own worm farm you lucky dog ~~~;-D



    Has anybody actually added worms to an indoor soil grow? I’m gonna try on my next run and am just wondering if anybody has heard of or attempted this before. It couldn’t hurt right?



    I haven’t purposely added worms, but I do my own worm farm and when I mix soils for planting some get mixed in. They are red worms and seem to do fine. I wouldn’t recommend just adding worms only, but I would recommend starting a worm farm and using your own castings. It gives you more control over what they are feed. My worms are vegetarians, lettuce, bananas, and paper. If you already haven’t started one, they are a piece of cake to manage and are cheep to buy. Good luck!!



    i also occasionally toss a few fan leaves in with my small worm farm.



    ok, so tyhe past few days i’ve gone back to the books of dr.’s rosenthal and frank, researching soil amendments specifically for veg plants that are:  a)   N high,  b) rapidly available,  c)  veganic and am having a hard time.  the best i can come up with is blood meal which is obviously not veganic.  i read a comment by dr . kushman somewhere stating that a small amount of guano in the beginning is acceptable.  im wondering if the same is true for blood meal?  ive used it in the past and my veg plants just love it.  will blood meal break down fast enough?

    the next-closest option i can find is cottonseed meal but it breaks down much slower, and i dont have any experience using it.



    the other



    Hello @42otto

    I’m curious to see what you found about cotton seed oil can you share some of your research? I have never seen it used.

    As Always LightSpeedGrows,

    Have a great growing day with a feel good vibe!




    did a small test of my own mix and somehow worked perfectly with the vegamatrix line

    For 10 5 gal buckets

    4cf coco (general organic bricks)

    2cf coco chips (plant it)

    .5cf forest humus (genral organics)

    .2cf mushroom compost (mt.eden organics)

    .5 cup soybean meal 7-2-1 (down to earth)

    .5 cup cottonseed meal 6-2-1 (down to earth)

    1 cup alfalfa meal 2.5-0.5-2.5 (down to earth)

    1 cup kelp meal 1-0.1-2 (down to earth)

    1/3 cup azomite 0-0-0.2 (down to earth)

    1/3 cup dolomite lime (grow more)

    10 oz of mykos (extreme)

    2 cups oatmeal

    1 cup powdered flax seed meal

    I mix it well and let it ait for a month in 80 degree heat 24 hours a day.

    then just follow the vefamatrix line with og microbial powdered tea. Also since there is dolomite in the soil already its up to you to decide how much calmag to use.

    100% veganic grown medicine

    ever since i heard kyle kushman talk about 2%ers, now that changed my way of cultivating veganic.

    i am in no way promoting vegamtix what so ever im just sharing a mix of soil i made and happened to use the vegamatrix line with it.

    i have use general orfanics with this soil also and had great results. In fact to this day i use general orgaics over vegamatrix only because of cost.


    Kyle my man you need to make those bottles a cheaper.






    Forgot to add .5 cup humic acid (down to earth)








    Recently us at k.a.n.g.u. (kick ass ninja growers union)(kick ass never give up)(also no name guys from the canna grow expo) have been deciding on the medium additives for it. We of course were looking for a nice soil, something along the lines of fertilome, which is sphagnum, perlite, and dolomite lime. We have used this soil with okay results and were looking to boost it for the summer season where we plan to run a few 4x4x2 raised beds at our “dojo”. In our research we found the subcool method which follows these ingredients:

    Subcool Super Soil

    • 8 ten gallon bags of high quality Organic Potting Soil  Such as “Roots Organic Soil”


    • 25 – 50 pounds of Organic Earthworm Castings


    • 5 pounds of Blood Meal (12-0-0)


    • 5 pounds of Bloom Bat Guano ( 0-5-0)


    • 5 pounds Fish Bone Meal ( 3-16-0)


    • 3 pounds Rock Phosphate (0-3-0)


    • 3/4 cup Epsom Salt


    • 1 cup Dolomite Lime


    • 1/2 cup Azomite


    • 2 table spoons (Tbs.) powdered Humic Acid

    For us this translated to the following recipe for our success:

    • .4 of  a yard(12 cubic foot) of organic local soil mixed with perlite and sphagnum or 4 bags of Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix


    • 30 pounds of Wiggle Worm (Will have extra from bulk order if anyone is interested)


    • 5 pounds of Blood Meal (12-0-0)


    • 5 pounds of Bloom Bat Guano ( 0-7-0)


    • 2.5 pounds Bone Meal (3-15-0)


    • 2.5 pounds Fish Bone Meal ( 3-16-0)


    • 3 Cups Oyster Shell (big r oyster shell)


    • 3 Cups Alfalfa Meal (1-0.1-2)


    • 1 cup Garden Lime


    • 3/4 cup Epsom Salt


    • 2 cup Azomite (0-0-0.2)


    • 2 table spoons (Tbs.) powdered Humic Acid (45% Humate)


    • the rest of the ingredients can be found here.

    We will make 17 yards of this mix in order to fill in the area needed for the subcool layer. After mixed and placed in 4x4x2 raised beds ,with no under barrier, we will fill the rest of the remaining area with one of the following as the base soil above the subcool:(still debating)

    • Fertilome (402 3 cu. ft. bags)


    • Red’s Premium Biochar Blend (34 yards)


    • Custom local mix of sphagnum(not local) 50%, perlite 20%,  compost 30%


    This is where we, K.A.N.G.U., stand and are looking for the direction of the greats..



    Shout out to KyleKushman and LightSpeedGrows at the Canna Grow Expo!! We started our first vegamatrix plants today. pictures shall follow to show the progress and difference between our organic solution and vegamatrix! here goes nothing!







    Well looks good for outdoor crops. I prefer not to have all that animal crap in my mix though. And if there is animal by products, it’s always from aquatic sources. A lot of those products like bat guano etc, are a type of gmo products. A lot of the bats eat fruits or insects that are either gmo or eat on gmo. Then that comes out in the crap, them the plants soak up gmo nutrients, then your plant is actually gmo at that point to a certain point. Unless you source your own animal crap and know 100% what’s being used, then it’s not guaranteed non gmo which will I turn make your pot gmo. I like to use a good starting black soil, mix in mushroom compost, humus, peat moss, bio char, neem cake, oyster shell, grass fed bison compost, alfalfa meal, worm castings, sea kelp, and of course the lime, Himalayan sea salt. Also if doing outdoor crops I suggests just making your own compost. Organic food scraps from the table will make better compost than just about any formula of mixed ingredients. You also want to make sure your fish meal is organic as well. People are nuts to not use organic fish meal. I just says this because some of your things say organic next to it. All ingredients should say organic, or not use then. And even then research has to be done.

    Also half the ingredients unless in liquid form, won’t be available for plants to use till 6mo to a year later, such as guanos and oyster shells.



    Hello Kangu15,

    It was great to meet you guys and that looks like a good outdoor mix but like driver said some of that stuff you want to mix won’t be available in that pot till the second growing season. The best is to bake your own batch this summer and use it for next season that soil will be amazing we do a one year “brew” on the soil for outdoors. There are a few good liquid guanos out and I can point you in the right direction if you want. You guys will have to post and let me know how those starter kits you got are working out.

    As always LightSpeedGrows,

    Have a great growing day with a feel good vibe!



    Outdoor is done for the year and indoor is starting up, who is reusing soil and who baked some super soil for the indoor season and what ratios do you like to use?

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