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    Very cool site, thank Kyle and all that have contributed.

    Years of cultivating experience, but still learning and sharing my knowledge each and every day. Best hobby a man could ever hope for, delivering quality of life improvement to our patients and making folks happy. Definitely never referred to as “work”.

    I’ll be checking in when time permits. Building a new grow operation which is all time consuming. I’m in Arizona, where the corporate attorneys who wrote Prop 203 for the dispensary conglomerate successfully (for now) snuck in a 25 MILE RULE clause, which means if a patient lives within 25 miles of an open dispensary (as the bird fly’s), patients are not allowed to cultivate their own medicine or have a caregiver cultivate for them. There is a Class Action and several individual lawsuits filed, as this obviously creates the ultimate monopoly and is unlawful per A.R.S. statue and Arizona state Constitution. But as with all new mmj freedom laws, there are always “grey” areas that must be dragged through the Courts to get the official “definition” etched in stone. In the meantime 92+ % of Arizona patients currently reside withing 25 miles of a dispensary and are losing their Right to cultivate. I am good through 2014, and hopefully this insane “rule” is abolished.Until then patients are being forced to purchase their medicine at dispensaries, many selling what I consider “B-” grade for $70 + an 1/8th. That is exactly what a monopoly creates. What’s next, I have to cut down my citrus trees if I live less than 25 miles from a grocery store ?

    Anyone know of any other state that forbids a patient from cultivating or electing a caregiver to cultivate for them ?

    Once again, thanks for the forum. I’ll do my best to contribute and share my experiences as best I can.

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