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    Hello I was thinking of growing a couple of plants in my basement. I don’t want a really big operation, just a couple of plants ya know. I was wondering if anyone had maybe some suggestions and/or tips on what lights i should use, soil, nutrients… all of that. Or maybe someone has a link or a video that could help me with some of this. I was thinking of Miracle Grow soil because it said it had a good deal of nutrients in it. Also I was going to use a couple of bright heat lamps. And have a fan down there for some ventilation. is there much more needed to successfully grow a marijuana plant? And if so maybe some price ranges? Any feedback is helpful thanks guys.



    Also if anyone could provide me with the different stages and light cycles the plant should be on that would be great!!



    MG isnt the best soil at all, generally causes people problems in the long run, if youre starting out you could use cfls if youre on a budget , if money is no issue you could use leds, or you could go with hps
    leds are pricey, a good hps system will cost maybe between 150-300 depending on who you go with, cfls of course you can buy from walmart but you need a lot of them. when i did my cfl grow it costed maybe 40$ but i only had 2 plants

    plants should start on cfls when they are seedlings and than you can move up so its perfect if you need to save some cash to wait for a better system

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