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    I’m new to growing and haven’t herd all that much about growing organically cause my grow teacher doesn’t like growing with organics. (Not gonna get into that.) Anyways, one thing he was saying that, a lot of times, the buds will be nowhere as dense as grown chemically (airy). He know it comes with practice, but he thinks it’s unnessesary.
    Just want to know is, if it’s true? Do people have problems with buds being fluffy if grown with organics? And if so, what causes flower density to desipate, other then stain being a factor?

    Thanks everyone!



    In my experience bud density is all about the lighting, an easy example is that the flowers closest to the light source are always the tightest / most dense. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I am not sure that the energy intake has anything at all to do with flower density. I am currently changing my habits and only letting my girls get to about 24″ – 36″ before I flower. The only thing I find hard to deal with when growing indoors organically is the SMELL..



    Thanks Hobbied!

    What smell is that? Chemicals used or the plant?


    Kyle Kushman

    As I wrote in your other post ST29, I agree completely with MH. Always remember, Watts=Grams.
    You should be able to substantially minimize the smell with charcoal filters. Attach one to both the intake and exhaust for double scrubbing.
    If that’s not the way to go for you, a good ozone generator placed outside the room can work extremely well…:-)


    Personal Lux

    i could name a ton a reason why a bud could be airy. but as far as most cases its because of bad light distribution in one way or another, under nutrition, or not pruning wasteful under branches and crowding. thats from my experience with organic growing. big hoods close to plants, all the nutrient your plants can take, and a well trimmed plants will produce large dense colas = ).


    Kyle Kushman

    That’s nonsense and sounds like “old-wives tales.” Other than genetics as a factor, it’s light intensity that determines density more than anything else.
    Go easy on the “well trimmed” as stated above. Keeping the undercanopy clean is very important. But be VERY selective about removing upper canopy vegetation. Removing a few leaves which point inwards and cover several growing shoots is acceptable…:-)



    I do have carbon filters. I wasn’t sure what Hobbied was talking about smell. Don’t care bout smell of the plant. More potent the better. Anyway, I don’t the I would have an issue with airy buds if it’s all about Watts. Running 4 1000 watt lights in a 8x8x7, I have two.
    Guess I’m gonna have to try growing organics or veganics. Haven’t herd anything negative yet. Unless someone has a neg?

    Thanks again Kyle. Exactly why I joined your site.


    Kyle Kushman

    There are NO NEGS. Yield is up, potency is up, smokeability is OFF THE CHAIN. There’s no comparison between Vegan-Organic and chemically grown.
    It’s like comparing gourmet food to McDonald’s…:-)



    I came back for a visit as I said I needed to. Again, I’ve been pretty busy with things so, I haven’t been spending much time online. And, when I’m not online, I’m reading. Got what I think is the most recent copy of Ed’s book so I can do some comparative analysis. I’m fascinated with all the sciences relevant to Cannabis as my medicine. Crikey… seems I may wind up with the knowledge before I have the practical experience from my first grow.
    It’s obvious I need to spend a bit more time here, as I find many of the topics more diverse in their range. Time to step up my education a bit.
    BTW, I got a good laugh out of your food comparison. As an old hand at vegetable gardening, I know some of the methodology of organics is transferable, so I agree whole heartedly. There’s enough contamination in our world without purposing to put more chemicals in our bodies by growing what I consider to be contaminated medicine. I want my Cannabis to be as close to virgin clean as can be every time it goes into my body, no matter how I choose to ingest.
    In closing; once again, congratulations on your Colorado Cup.


    Kyle Kushman

    Thanks HD…:-)



    One of the most common mistakes made by new weed growers is to conduct spur-of-the-moment experiments and kill their plants. Proper knowledge and research are required to grow marijuana plant. For a second opinion, you can search online too.


    Kyle Kushman

    Observation skills is your best asset when learning to grow. The plants will tell you everything you need to know. You just have to learn to speak their language…:-)

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