HUGE Congradulations To Bed And Roses (Kyle) For The 2013 LA Medical Cannabis Cup 2x 2nd Place Winning!

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    Veganics is offically on the map! Yes, the word “Veganics“, have been known about forever, but if you have following the rise of it on the internet there seems to be more skeptics then believers. At least on forums. Which makes since. Since there are many haters of organics you will get all those haters plus people who grow organic argue its use due to the lack of worm or guano teas and compost.

    Argue no more. The proof is in the pudding.

    2nd Place Sativa

    Veganic Ghost Train Haze #1 by Buds and Roses


    2nd Place Hybrid

    Veganic Tahoe OG by Buds and Roses



    Kyle Kushman

    This is actually makes our 5th medal won with flowers grown Veganically. We also won 2nd best Sativa at last years LA and Bay area High Times Cups. Along with a 3rd place for highest CBD.
    Rock-n-Roll…VIVA VEGANICS!!



    hi kyle wen will your veganics be ready for purchase thanks



    Until they wake up …well have the coffee on!!! Much respect team kushman way to represent!



    Each year more cups and more delicious looking buds! I wish you were in Seattle or I had a chance to go down there!


    Kyle Kushman

    Nutes are coming soon…Vegamatrix by September 30th!


    tom tom

    Lets see where should i start 3 weeks ago i went to a dispensary in LA that boasts Kyles Genetics I wont say there name but the first starts with a B & the second with an R. I drove 3 hrs because of your reputation and genetics.I picked 12 great looking clones from the same tray we had to cut them apart (so there goes the mix up theoury) go home planted .hear it is 3 weeks later i obviosly have 2 strains.I went there for platnium girl scout .picked all 12 from a tray of suposid girl scouts and i obviosly have 2 diffrent srains.
    Then today wile trying to identify the bugs they gave me i spot PM yes they gave me BUGS-PM-& 2 difrent strains my room is extreemly cleen.I have been harvesting 4 -5 times a year up to now with zero problems. The pics speak for themselves. There was supose to be 12 girl scouts obviosly there is 6 of one and 6 of another.not to mention the bugs & the PM
    for 2 years i have not had to cemically treat my girls for any reason so today all will go in the f—in trash where they belong clean my room start over
    Kyle you have a great rep but these people just F—ed up my whole game



    WOW! I’m sorry to hear your troubles. Being a fellow mmj cultivator myself I understand the importance of quality control in a clean room for your medicinal plants. I don’t understand why Buds and Roses would ever compromise the integrity they have established in the mmj community. But, I assum that considering the circumstances you should be compensated for your troubles. Especially at there 20 a clone price. I would think promblems like this would ever be an issue. Again I fill for you and hope they can resolve this. It’s changing my thoughts of ever donated my money to them. Very non compasiante Buds and Roses.

    BTW vunderkin1 is a friend of mine and has been helping his community with his quality of medicine for years now. I’m sure that he is not the only person being effected by this.



    I have all the respect in the world for Kushman and his team. I’m not trying to bash B and R. There obviously good at what they do! I just think there a glitch in the system that should be handled. My friend never received a call back from them. He did get an apology with promise to fix the problem but, received nothing for his troubles. In a way I fill somewhat responsible for telling him that traveling 4 hrs away to get clones from them was the best move he could make. 🙁

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