Can you freeze organic nutrients?

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    I would like to know if nutrients lifespan could be prolonged by conserving it in the freezer?

    I am a very small grower, I can’t possibly empty my BioCanna products within two years (there is an expiring date). Could I transfer it into smaller containers and freeze them in order to keep many more years? Surely this can be done with human-food… but with those I’m not so sure.

    What do you think?


    Kyle Kushman

    I think you would ruin many of the precious growth hormones, amino acids, and other proprietary ingredients. Next time buy smaller bottles, or share with a friend…:-)



    Thanks for your reply Kushman, I really appreciate it 🙂



    Even after you pick your crops, enzymes continue to break down the nutrients, convert sugars to starches, and generally degrade flavor and texture. Blanching with steam or boiling water stops this action and preserves fresh-picked color.

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