Any news on the Winners?

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    No winner news yet in Seattle? Kyle and the rest of the panel on Saturday, had some great things to say…especially Kyle speaking on
    every grower and pro-active person to take a personal responsibility, maintaining the integrity of each of our duties to follow the laws and stay together and continue the progress toward full legalization. keeping meds safe free of pesticides,molds,fungus,etc. and everyone just doing their part to move forward..really just tons of great advice. Hope there is a youtube video so everyone can hear what they all Had to say.
    Congrats to the winners..and Kushman/B&R for best U.S. flower



    Preach GrowBro PREACH!!! I had a gut feeling in my stomach he was going to win, I knew how hard he has been working on his craft. He’s an awesome brother and a humble mentor to many of us. But especially to me. I’m still tripping ~~~;-D . Peace and God Bless Kyle, I LOVE THE STRAWBERRY!!!

    KloneKing sorry I missed you GrowBro, I made a quick trip up to spend a few hours with Kyle to wish him luck , I was there for five hours but it seemed liked five minutes. I was sad when I left. Next time ~~~;-D



    ya fo sho fo sho

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