This stemless, inline, 8-arm tree percolating glass bong is a tangible pipe dream. This glass bong also has a 10-slot, inline percolating submarine-style base.

This bubbling labyrinth is an articulate feat of multiple dimensions, utilizing the maximum glass-to-smoke ratio possible. The stemless bong’s design features a big and hungry 18.8mm clear glass slide bowl and joint, ideal for 90-degree joint-bong attachments.

The Stemless Inline Perc Glass Bong is a miniature 29cm in height, features a 25mm tube, and 60mm perc chamber. The stemless bong also sits firm and steady on its 11cm wide base. The stemeless borosilicate bong exemplifies that big bangs do come in small boxes.

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Kushman Approved Products

Kushman Approved Products

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