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Kyle Kushman

Yes it can…Starting Kushman Chiropractic treatments. Breaking the inner hurd of the stalk by carefully twisting in opposite directions until you hear a snap. Move a few inches up the branch and repeat. Repeat this every week. Working your way from bottom to top of the plant, breaking a different spot of each branch on each treatment. Starting when the plants are young will give them the ability to transport more water and nutrients. While also building incredibly strong stems and branches. Discontinue treatments once flowering begins. Or once the desired effects have been achieved.

A second crucial step to Supercropping is removing all nodes to the tip of the branch as in picture#2. Do this once or twice. First time is 1-2 weeks before flowering. Then once again a week into flowering. For Sativas I clean them all the way to the tip again. For Indicas I leave 3 nodes from the tip on the 2nd cleaning.

Super important for ULTIMATE growth…try not to damage or remove the leaves in between the nodes you remove. they’re your solar panels. The more surface area you have the more energy you collect …:-)