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Hey Braveheart I need some clarification please. I have been applying the supper cropping techniques and when i re-read Kushmans directions on this thread and compared what he says “A second crucial step to Super-cropping is removing all nodes to the tip of the branch as in picture#2. Do this once or twice. First time is 1-2 weeks before flowering.” to the picture at the top of the thread I was confused. My confusion is the phrase “removing all the nodes to the tip of the branch”. Is that removal to the tip inclusive or exclusive of the top node. I formerly understood the removal to be inclusive based on my interpretation of his language and would wait the 1 to 2 weeks before flower for the nodes to grow back because I was left with none. Now when I look at Kushmans picture on this thread I see he removed all nodes except the top node. I see how leaving the top node only would let the plant continue to grow smoothly. I plan to apply some variation of this technique within a week so all help is greatly appreciated.