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Not my recipe, my brothers. He’s been growing a long time. I can tell anyone, that it deffenetly works. He’s used the same recipe Last run growing his sweet tooth and it tested at 19.71% THC. So I’m not asking if it works. I know it does. Just want to try something better. And I do plan to use a line of nuts. That’s what I have already wrote. Humboldt.

Everyone has a different opinion bout a way to grow. I did look at everything and don’t see the problem. What do you guys think should have been changed? I had planed on doing basically the same thing in one tent cause it’s cheep. Although I would use Linda’s grow and bloom instead of just bloom. I honestly don’t know why my brother had me use Ionic grow, other then it being one nutrient opposed to 2 (grow a and grow b).

So Linda’s grow and bloom,GH calimagic (cal-mag), GH Rapid Start, SuperThrive (puts plant into a turbocharge) the plants without it are 20% smaller, and fox farms Cha-Ching , beastie bloomz and open sesame. And the beastie bloomz was the only thing I used full strength. 1/2 tsp per gal. I used 1 1/2 to 2 scoops in a 20gal res. and only at week 5 and 6 of flower. Rest of the time I used it was at half strength.

I can see why people who are only users of one company ,or for the most part one company, say what I’m doing isn’t right cause certain chemical from different companies aren’t ment to be used together. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

I do want people to say what I should try instead of something, but even though it’s my first grow doesn’t mean I didn’t do research. I’ve actually consulted with a dispensary in Seattle that grow there own stuff and are won and placed for the Cannabis Cup around here since 2010. They have used the exact recipe for quite a while (except the Ionic grow) and have there strains tested as high as 22%. I know the strain helps, but 22%. Maybe someone who doubts it should try it. Working hella good.
Thought it was nuts that was doing the leave dieting thing, but two brothers and a few friends of there’s and growers from the grow shop I go to all say it’s the dense canopy. They’ve all seen the plant.

Don’t need to fix anything I’m doing yet apparently. Everyone seems to be amazed by how good they look.

I will post pics later and anybody can be the judge if they think I should change anything.