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I wasn’t using full strength during week 8 of flower. If you look at it again, I don’t use any nutrients in week 8 of flower. They way I listed my weeks was, Week 8 flower week 6. So I’m saying that it’s week 6 of flower but it’s been growing its 8th week. Im in week 7 right now and week 8 is tomorrow and I’ve dropped it from 1500 to 900. And leaves I saw dropping at week 5 of flower, so it couldn’t be because I was using ful strength. Unless I was using too much of everything. I was following the directions on everything. Except beastie bloomz. Was told to use two scoops during weeks 6&7 .

Sorry if you had already understood that. You just said don’t use full strength in week 8 of flower, that I should be flushing and I will. The first day of week 8 I use a flushing agent for 24 hours then just water. That’s week 10 flower week 8 .

Thanks again. Just clarifying for you.