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It was my first grow. My brother has used all if those and thought it was a good recipe. The reason I was using things from different manufacturers was, my brother was making sure I didnt get things mixed up since they looked so different form each other. That might seem stupid, but he just wanted to make sure i was putting in the right stuff. My brother ordered everything. Just my first grow.
The plants ARE gorgeous though

. Thanks for the info Kyle. The recipe is working for me so far. It’s just a few leaves and it’s only under the canopy where it’s real dense. Not saying that I think your imput doesn’t matter. I value your imput more then any grower. So I hope this isn’t a guy hired to answer questions. Im trusting it’s really Kyle.
If I can figure out how to get pics of my camera on to this IPad, I will send you some of my girls. (Don’t know how to use this IPad very well. Just started using it.)

I have ordered Humbolt Nuts. Spent a good $500 on everything.
I’m gonna list everything, and let me know if I’m forgetting anything if you would?
Grow, bloom, micro, flavorful, sea cal, sea mag, ginormous, hydro honey, proZymE, myco madness, big up powder, humboldt roots, structural integrity, hydro deuce, white widow, Royal flush and thrive alive green.
Did I miss anything. I dont have Humboldt Humic cause I herd that it’s supplimented from Flavorful and hydro honey. Is that true? And what do u think of Master A & Master B? I’m not really understanding its use. Do you use it with everything I’ve listed on top of using Humboldt Bloom or with out, or how?

I downloaded the feeding chart of the website. I have everything they have listed to use for hydro, but myco wasnt listed on any feeding charts. Should I use it, or is it supplemented from something else. I don’t use water hat is 0 ppm. I know your supposed to, but I gonna do it anyway. I hear a lot of people don’t seem difference. I’ve also herd that Big Up Powder and Ginormous throw the ppm out of wack. Have you any imput on that?

Sorry for so many question on one posting. Just wanting clarification on everything I’ve asked about Humboldt Nutrients.

Thank you soooo much Kyle!