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I also agree with Kyle Sweet Tooth, I can tell you, that recipe is not meant for a new grower like yourself. Im not trying to be harsh, just honest so you can learn the right way. I have taught a lot of new cultivators to grow indoor and outdoor all the different styles and techniques, you want to start at a point where you know you will be confident, so you can continue to build your growing skills from that confidence. Ok, Just so you know you are running ebb and flow, not drip to waste, it is totally different techniques and you would need different amounts of nutrients to work properly. It sounds like you are in a area that sells Green air nutrients/ Bio Genesis, Im gonna suggest looking into them and see if they have a recirculating feed chart, this company also uses vegan nutrients as there additives. Ive used House and Garden and GH with great success in hydroponics, but Botanicare just came out with a new Hydro solution called KIND, look into it. But for Ebb and Flow hydro you need to find a company that uses less of those ingredients Kyle is teaching you about and look for recirculating feed charts. Recirculating feed chart is for Ebb and Flow, and Drip to waste feed chart is for a drip system. Peace and Love, take care Sweet Tooth