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OverSeas I will give you some advice I learned when I used to have coco hydro set ups, You need to adjust the ph of the coco before you plant into it, you want to start out with water ph’d to 6.0, when using coco as your media you want to keep it at 6.0 through the entire growing and flowering cycle. Wash the media with the 6.0 ph’d water, purified water if possible, by doing this you will be ph’ing the coco to 6.0 and also remove any salts left in the coco, I don’t care what coco company it is and if they say it is totally salt free they’re lying, wash it before you plant into it. Make sure to not ph the reservoir until you add all the nutrient, top off your reservoir with ph’d 6.0 water daily and check your ph and adjust it from there ~~~;-D Hope this helps you OverSea’s Grow Broski, Sincerely, American BraveHeart