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Momma Kush

I would love to use this OGTea and Kyle’s special sauce but is it too much for a beginner like me? I BET IT”S AWESOME STUFF!! I’ve just re-planted & got my girls in happy Frog soil, they are in their 2nd week of vegging in 5 GAL buckets, plus I have 4 seedlings just in their 1 GAL pots…..what do you think Guys? I had trouble with nutes the 1st grow so I’ve been I have been giving them just plain or “clean” R/O water…I really want to kick it up a notch as this is my last grow for a while so , I HAVE to DO BETTER this time!!! Should I add the tea to my r/o water? I have the sample box of nutes from General Organics, or should I start adding these nutes right away? I will try to post picks today if you want to see my girls first, look under Momma’s Place sometime this afternoon and pics will be posted. Thanks!