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Thanks for all the help Braveheart! You’ve given a lot of us some great advice here on the forum and I want you to know we all appreciate your support!

I apologizes to everyone for the lack of updates. I have not been able to access my account here for the past week or so. It kept sending me to a white error page.

Last night I transplanted my deadhead og into a 3 gallon container. She’s in full veg right now. Her roots were nice and thick. I changed my setup just a tad. I placed my fluorescent t5 lamp in the back for supplemental lighting and I put my 150hps above my plant. My heat jumped up as you’ll see in the pictures so I placed an extra fan inside to circulate the air and push the hot air out. I haven’t decided whether I should top or fim her yet. I’m leaning more towards topping her just because I’ve done it before and know the technique. Braveheart also mentioned that its less stressful then the fim technique. And I think less stress is always best.
Anybody else have any thoughts on those techniques?