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Looking good Noodle, Noodle over the years I have found that the topping technique is a lot less stressful on a plant than the fim technique. When you top a plant you still have growth growing. When you fim a plant you cut off the stem down to the base of you first leaf set or sometimes right above the Cotyledons, this stresses the plant to work overtime and forces it to grow branches. There is nothing wrong with experimenting though Noodle, thats how you learn how to grow Cannabis the way you like to grow it. If your gonna top her wait until after the fifth node grows and cut it off so you have four nodes growing underneath. Noodle if your growing only one plant follow me on the BraveHeartLand thread, I’ll help you learn how to NW PowerCrop. One Love Little GrowBro, I really like how clean your growing area is ~~~;-D