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I think I was keeping the soil to moist so there was a lot of nutrients built up in it I believe. When I was watering my plants before, I was watering often but not enough to have any runoff. When I water should I always allow for some runoff? Yesterday I went to a local hydro store and picked up a waterproof pH tester from Eco testr. I looked for the Hanna tester which they have several of but they started at $80. I understand I need to test my nutrient solution before watering and I should also test the runoff. Should I keep my water as close to 7.0 neutral as possible? When testing my water after adding all my nutrients should it be around 7.0? If my nutrients solution is lower than that should I use a pH up or should I add more nutrients? The latter I think would make it to concentrated. If my pH is higher than 7.0 should I use a pH down? Should I also pick up a pH tester for the soil itself? I’ll be researching more about it but figured I’d asked the experts!
Also I transplanted last night into bigger containers. Plant 1 the healthier plant had roots coming out of the drainage holes on the bottom! Plant 2 I pretty much botched the transplant and damaged a lot of it’s roots. I don’t know how well it’ll recover but will keep it regardless. Here’s the pictures I took this morning. Thanks Andy and thanks Kyle for all you’re help!
Here’s plant 2
Plant 1