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I came back for a visit as I said I needed to. Again, I’ve been pretty busy with things so, I haven’t been spending much time online. And, when I’m not online, I’m reading. Got what I think is the most recent copy of Ed’s book so I can do some comparative analysis. I’m fascinated with all the sciences relevant to Cannabis as my medicine. Crikey… seems I may wind up with the knowledge before I have the practical experience from my first grow.
It’s obvious I need to spend a bit more time here, as I find many of the topics more diverse in their range. Time to step up my education a bit.
BTW, I got a good laugh out of your food comparison. As an old hand at vegetable gardening, I know some of the methodology of organics is transferable, so I agree whole heartedly. There’s enough contamination in our world without purposing to put more chemicals in our bodies by growing what I consider to be contaminated medicine. I want my Cannabis to be as close to virgin clean as can be every time it goes into my body, no matter how I choose to ingest.
In closing; once again, congratulations on your Colorado Cup.