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Momma, you had plenty of nutrients in your soil and in your bloom nutrients. The reason why your plants dried out is because they needed water. You dried them out, even the most healthiest plants will do the same thing if they don’t get the correct amount of water and attention. There is no magic bottle that will correct human error. When you leave town you should always have a trusted person watch your garden for you. Plus it looks like you should of used a 7-10 gal. container, if they were in a seven or a ten gallon container the roots would of had more air to breath and grow happier. Careful feeding your clones nutrients when using happy frog or ocean forest, these soils have more than enough nutrients to grow a happy healthy plant for at least two weeks. After the two weeks start introducing the G.O. veg feed chart. I just want you to know I thought your plants looked nice and healthy the last time I saw them, just thought you should of went with a bigger pot. I love the Cannabis plant and I will only share honest knowledge that will teach the next Cultivator to care for and love her the same. TEAM KUSHMAN