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Thanks for the tips kloneking I’m going to run through how I reuse my soil and maybe you can tell me if you see anything else i could be doing. So first off im a huge believer in a good flush at harvest time so i usually flush for a full two weeks and usually get 3 flushes a week,prior to cutting them down i flush with double dose hygrozyme for the first week then plain water for the last week then i let my soil thoroughly dry then i break up the soil and remove any roots that are left i finish my plants in 7 gallon pots and i usually only veg for 2 weeks so my pots are never root bound when im finished, so then after i break it all up it rests again in a huge container where i add granular myco and let it chill till i need it. I have to say everything i have planted in it is really responding well i’m just about to finish my first run with reusing soil and my ladies are healthy as ever, I even started some seeds in it about three weeks ago and there the healthiest starts i’ve ever had. I’m definetly keeping an eye on ph cause i figured that would be the biggest risk. Let me know if you see anything else and thank you guys for responding.