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HEY TC, how you doing GrowBro? Flushing huh, OK

Flushing- always start with good water, I live in Oregon and I let my water sit for 24 – 48 hours before each use to evaporate chlorine. Some Cultivators prefer to use reverse osmosis systems.

Flushing your plants correctly will determine how well you flowers taste, smell, look and potency. VERY IMPORTANT PROCESS!!!!!


I will use a 9 week strain for reference.

During the sixth week of flower- I am still giving full strength nutrients with enzymes and OG Tea.

During the 7th week of flower- It is time to cut back on all nutrients to half strength with enzymes, like Hygrozyme or slf 100 or Kyle Zyme. No more OG Tea Veganic special sauce. The Veganic special sauce has a npk value and is no longer needed at this point of your crop, instead you need pure microbes or mycorrhizae to help digest and break down the remaining nutrients stored in your media. This is how you use OG Tea pure.

Beginning of week 8 flower- This is where I do a Veganic/ Organic Carb boost, the carbs will help your microbes and soil use the remaining nutrients and also add a little all natural potassium for a little all natural weight gain, not much but some. Use a tablespoon of unsulphured molasses per gallon, Grandma’s unsulphured molasses works great and you can find it at most grocery and hydro stores. You could also use a tablespoon of sucanat per gallon instead of molasses. I only feed one time with molasses or sucanat at the beginning of week 8 with enzyme.

Middle of week 8 till Harvest- This is when I stop using everything, even enzymes. I stay on my regular feeding schedule, but I just use plain water that has been sitting 24-48 hours, do I use a little bit more water when I feed, yes I do, but I do not drown them. When using Veganic Nutrients, drowning your plants to flush is unnecessary.

With Veganics always make sure your ph is 5.5-7.5, Veganics has a broader ph range to work with unlike Organics and chemical nutrients.

Hope this helps you out TC, One love.