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Mr. Kushman I have an answer for you about the Bio-Canna Terra Plus. I had scoured the internet for quite sometime after hearing about it on the actual bio-canna site. So I finally found a european website that actually hhas an option to ship to the USA. Other websites that listed the soil only delivered in the EU or to neighboring countries. I’ve not tried to place an order because it is fiscally unwise for my financial restraints as I believe they would like you to arrange a forklift to get it off trucks at the destination. Anyhow, I’ve just been making due with the Coco-not. Anyway, so the website is , its under growing media and the soils subsection. Whether or not this is of any value to you I’m not sure. But it does seem like it would work.

I do have a question for you though. I’ve got the entire bio-canna line, excluding the new bio-rhizotonic. Bio-ag ful-humix, bio-genesis mineral matrix, technaflora’s thrive-alive b and soluble seaweed, from humboldt nutes: mayan microzyme, honey es, natural bloom, prozyme, myco madness soluble, and for the granular i went with the plant success. As I said, I am using the coco-not. This is my line-up that have been utilizing until your line comes out. Do you see anything in particular that I am not using that would otherwise benefit me? Also, I have grown nothing but Indicas and indica dominants in your veganic method. As of recently I have procured some Mr. Nice Nevilles Haze, any suggestions on feedings as I hear this strain, like most other Sativa dominant genotypes is finicky. I’ve only put my land races in the ground, but I want to try this strain in pure veganics. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your knowledge and insight, veganics is truly a class of it’s own.