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I’m not the Boss Hogg Master Elite Cannabis Cultivator Kushman, but I think I can help you ~~~;-D. Kushman and Veganics really helped me out the same way it is helping you now. It got my creative juices flowing again, need that sometimes. Kyle and Veganics has that special influence on people like us~~~;-D. You cut out all nutrient’s and tea’s besides maybe your enzymes when you start your flush. Micro Blast should be used at 5ml per gallon unless you see some micronutrient deficiencies, Mineral matrix you use every other week at 2.5 ml per gallon with your feed Veg-bloom. If you are using a Calmag supplement I would say only use these products if you are noticing a calmag deficiency to correct any deficiencies.

P.S. You got a nasty screen name LOL Bahahahahahaha