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Botanic Mike

Love the Azamax.. Been using it for years.. It is an anti-feedant. If you use it once.. Be sure to use it again as it dose not kill the bugs.. but starves them.. as one generation dies from starvation another will hatch.. So be sure to spray this generation as they hatch and before they can reproduce. So 3-4 treatments 5-7 days apart should wipe out the existing population.

I have taken this stuff into a friends garden that was infested with mites.. Looked like a little army.. one by one. He tried using another product which burnt the flowers and they turned brown overnight.. So I came in with the Azamax.. and a “Sucker” plant for the bugs to retreat to.. ( These plants were about a week out from harvest) So I turned off the HID’s and mixed up some Azamax.. Sprayed them generously with a strong batch. And turned on some fans for circulation and to help dry out the buds. ( After all we don’t want mold) Now the “Sucker” plant was not sprayed.. It is purely there as an escape for the bugs.. They won’t want to be on the plants that were just sprayed.. They will retreat to the un treated plant.. This is so that the buds aren’t full of mites.. After they have retreated I took the plant outside and with a can of lysol some gas and a grill lighter.. And torched the “Sucker”! As for the meds.. I stuck around and pushed em for 3 more weeks, to fix some of the damage from the other spray he used.. and I am happy to say we saved 3lbs off of 2 600’s.. not great but hey… not bad either. All big dense buds.. And she was right around 19.3% THC and 1.3% CBD.. Now for some Blue Dream this aint too Shabby! Better than a complete loss.. And the buds had no bugs!!!! Couldn’t even find one with a microscope.. No bad taste.. from sprays… And a pure white ash… with a really smooth hit..

Now I’m not saying this is fool proof.. But was more like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.. Was purely just dumb luck that we thought of the Sucker and threw her in…
This was a one time thing… I don’t usually have to deal with the pests indoors,, Usually just outdoors.. I hope this was an isolated issue and won’t see these critters for a long time!