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Grow Update: These little ladies are alive and super healthy, I am ecstatic with the amount of roots coming out of my coco plugs for a stress free transition. The joy and happiness of seeing those shiny white roots poking out will never change, crop after crop. It is a feeling of self-sufficiency. By the way they all rooted ~~~;-D.

Media: I have been doing extensive research on Veganic premade soil blends and have decided to use TGA Base Blend, it is made with just the right amount of coco and sphagnum, and has an array of Beneficial Bacterias.

Oregonism Xl- Soluble Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae , beneficial Bacterias and Trichoderma. I use a 4×4 small nursery pot and the TGA media and make a hole the size of my coco plug and sprinkle a 1/4 teaspoon of Oregonism XL in the hole before I plant the clone. Then I plant the clone leaving a half inch from the top of the container and the media. Everytime I transplant I add a little bit more oregonism xl until I get into my final container that I will be flowering in, at that time I use a granular mycorrhizae, the granular will bind and stay in your final pot for the long haul and is less likely to wash out the bottom. The soluble Mycorrhizae are great for smaller pots, transplanting and a quick dose. Don’t forget to label your plants somehow so you don’t forget what strains you have and they don’t get mixed up.
First feeding and Transplant feed solution:

Water- Like Kyle say’s “Chlorine does not recognize good and bad bacteria, it kills it all”. In order to have a living thriving soil or soilless media full of beneficial bacteria’s use R/O water (Reverse Osmosis). There are many decent R/O filter systems on the market, I prefer Hydrologic systems. If you don’t have or cannot get R/O water, let your tap water sit for 48 hours at least 24 to let the chlorine burn off.
Some cultivators like to use a air stone bubbler to help this process. Personally I find it best to always hand water, especially when watering with beneficial bacteria’s and micro organisms.

Vitamin B-1- One thing that all Medical Cannabis Cultivators should be worried about is stressing their beloved plants. Vitamin B-1 is a plant stress reliever. It can be used during the entire growing process, but should definitely be used during all transplanting stages and the 12/12 transition period to help relieve any stress that may occur or just keep a healthy stress free transition.

OG Tea- This tea has the right amount of nutrients, carbs, and microbes to jumpstart your Veganic babies to the next level and healthier than ever. In order to achieve a successful Veganic crop your media must have a healthy Microbe community. You are not feeding your plants your feeding your microbes. The beneficial microbes will digest and break down plant based nutrients and additives and then feed your Cannabis plants. This is why I am creating a MICROBE SHMORGISBORG.

I have checked my ph and as long as I am in the 5.8- 7.0 range with Veganics I know I am gonna be A ok. Veganics has a broader ph range that is safe to work with. Plus the TGA Base Mix has Dolomite Lime, a natural ph adjuster.

Hardening Off- Now after I have transplanted all of my clones and have fed them with my first feed solution I am going to mist them one last time with my Olivias spray and place them back into my dome and cover them with a slight opening to allow a little fresh air to harden them off for 24 hours and then take the dome completely off. Have you ever planted a healthy rooted clone and came back the next day and it was so so or wilting over or seemed stressed? It’s because it was shocked because of the quick change in its environment, you have to harden them off adjusting them slowly to the new environment and give them a stress free transplant.

P.S. Yup that’s our double headed Strawbz baby. Living in a medical state where I am allowed a very small number of plants to grow I have to be creative from the start to achieve higher yields. BraveHeart double headed clones