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Grow Broski King, YEEEEEEEEEEHAW!!!! You know the American BraveHeart will travel through the tree’s to be there for his Ganja Family. You know where to get a hold of me. One love Brother from another mother plant.

Grow Broski Noodle, I have not grown JillyBean, but I have grown other TGA strains like Space Queen, Jack the Ripper, Agent Orange, Ace of Spades, Chernobyl and a few others. TGA is a good company, I personally know Dioxide, he’s a good hearted man.

Grow Broski IrieMon, IT’S GONNA BE IRIE!!!!

Grow Update: Found a few roots popping out this morning, It’s not enough though. It’s good to have a substantial amount of roots before transplanting clones to reduce the risk of shock. 3-5 more days and we will transplant and take pics Team Kushman ~~~:-D