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Hey Kyle thanks again with all the help!!!:)) I’ve relized that the only thing I can’t seem to ever dial in is the cal mg?? Im in vegitive growth and I’m about to lower the ph like you said to 5.8-5.9 with the manna mix for my next feeding. like I said I used 10ml bio vega and 5ml go calmg at a ph of 6.2 on the dot just like you said. I know you said you recently found out that coco based medium like a slightly lower sweet spot for ph of 5.8-6.0. I’m still in vegitive growth the calmg problem is still spreading I’m trying to veg them out for a few more weeks. So for my next feeding I’m going to lower the ph to 5.8-5.9. should I keep my bio vega at 10ml a gal and the GO calmg at 5ml a gal I just want the spreding to stop little light bettween the leaf veins ike I said I always have trouble with the cal mg:-/ I apprecate all the love and support brotha I always apprecate it hope to hear from ya thanks man!!