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Team Kushman ROCKS!!! No problemo VG401, after you do what Kyle says and NO (mineral matrix, organa add) for a week, you really might not need either (mineral matrix, organa add) only use the when using a 600 watt hps. You only want to add more micronutrients in very high yield/wattage situations. If you do add more micro nutrients on top of other micro’s you want to be very careful, go gently or else it will burn your plant, and it starts by doing what you described earlier with the rust spots. I got the same problem when I first started using mineral matrix. I learned the hard way, but they bounced back. I know with mineral matrix your only supposed to use it once every other week at very low doses, haven’t used organa add yet. Send in a pic for Dr. Kushman if you don’t notice any relief after 5-7 days ~~~;-D