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Kyle Kushman

It’s true, selling fulvic acid in CA as plant food is illegal. Something to do with lacking proof of efficacy. Believe me, it does work.
What is it? Humic and fulvic acids are derived from the exact same material. Usually leonardite coal. Here’s a link to a story with all the facts:
Fulvic acid is simply an ultra refined form of humic. that’s why it’s more expensive.
I understand enough to know that humic and fulvic acids assisit in the transport and uptake of nutrients to your plants.
I like to think of it like this. Humic acid is used to help condition your soil/media to freely release nutrients back to the plants. It’s like a molecular grease. Fulvic acid is a much smaller molecule that can actually penetrate root membranes. This helps facilitate the transport and uptake of nutrients directly into the plants roots. Both are essential in Vegan-Organic gardening…:-)