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Hey Kyle have a question if I’m only under 1 600watt Hps can u still augment with nature nectar n&k if I’m maxed out with all my bio canna im at bio vega 15 ml,bio rhizo 10ml, cannazyme 9 ml , 3 drops a gal mineral matrix , 10ml GO cal mg ,10 ml of bioag ful-power and I’m using OG tea every time I’m getting yellowing edges on my leaves and the stems are getting to be a redish purple starting to work to the top of the plant the ph of my soil is now 6.4 i just hit them with 1.5 tsp a gal of natures nectar n & 2.5 tsp of nature nectar k as lable recomended on top of all my other nuites and it doesnt seem like the problem is going away not quite sure what it is I transplanted into manna mix after being in roots organic soil and the soil ph being at 4.8 I’ve been giving it full strength nutes ever since the ph has been in its sweet spot the HELP would be greatly appreciated since u are the master of veganicssss!!!;))