If you’re anything like me, you’ve broken a few beloved bongs while transporting them to parties or a friend’s home. Well, no more! Now, with the Pro-Case Bong Bag, you can secure your bong like your skull in a bike helmet.

The Pro-Case Bong Bag by Ryot is a designed for medium- to large-sized bongs (35-61cm). The inside of the bong bag is engulfed in foam egg crate protection and a “spring wall” which stabilizes the bong in the center of the bag. The bag even has side panels that are padded to protect your bong’s accessories. Other features include: a lockable zipper, an adjustable shoulder strap, and four plastic feet that allow the Pro-Case Bong Bag to safely stand upright.

The Pro-Case Bong Bag costs about the same as a bong; but it’s worth the price because it will certainly save a few bongs from being broken while in route to a good time.

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