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“Star Killer OG” took home 1st Place at the High Times US Cannabis Cup in Seattle grown by Billy “Braveheart” Green

Scottsdale, AZ., September 11, 2014 / — PureLifeVeganix, Inc., creator of the VEGAMATRIX product line of nutrients and supplements was used by Billy “BraveHeart” Green to grow this year’s first place cup winner, Veganic Star Killer OG, in the Hybrid category of the High Times US Cup held this past weekend in Seattle, WA. This was the first time Billy had submitted an entry to the High Times cup, and his subsequent win he says was a result of both, “a choice in excellent genetics, and the decision to go VEGANIC.” Star Killer OG is a Rare Dankness Genetic that was chosen by Billy for its sweet & kushy taste, and it’s absolutely covered in trichomes. Star Killer is described as “a strain great for pain removal, insomnia, chemotherapy symptoms, gastrointestinal issues, and PTSD.” Danny Danko, the senior High Times cultivation editor, was quoted at the event saying, “It [Star Killer] was the best flower on the table!”

William “Billy” Green, or Braveheart as he’s known on the Kyle Kushman Grow Forum, was accepted into our initial testers group and has been using Vegamatrix for the past two and half years. Billy chose go to with Kyle Kushman veganic methods after years of reading Kyle’s articles and following his grow tips from his early days as a writer for HighTimes. Billy writes enthusiastically, “I’m still learning from him today. He’s helped me hone in my skills and learn a new style of cultivation [Veganics].” This recent win in Seattle brings the total amount of Cannabis Cup awards that the VegaMatrix product line has contributed to 20 awards.” Our goal with VegaMatrix is to continue to help customers grow healthy, safe medicine while still maximizing yield size,” said Kyle Kushman, Founder, Visionary and CEO of Pure Life Veganix.