Tired of fumbling around for your medical marijuana, pipe, and then lighter? Imagine being able to do it all with the flick of your ever prepared wrist. Well you can with the all-in-one EZ Pipe!

The EZ Pipe is cleverly designed to hold your favorite disposable lighter, so all you need to do is slide open the swivel lid to your pre-packed bowl, and flick. The lighter is perfectly positioned so the flame pulls through a small hole in the side of the bowl.

The wood grain EZ Pipe body is made of tough acrylic, with an anodized aluminum top above the stainless steel bowl. To clean it, just take the powerful magnetic plate, which pops off, to reveal the bowl. The James Bond style pipe stem folds out of the side of the pipe, giving you quick access to the pipe cleaning poker secretly tucked inside the EZ Pipe.

The EZ Pipe is ergonomically designed to be discreetly palmed and with the swivel lid shut, your precious stash stays secure in the bowl. When ordering you can chose from wood grain or several other color combinations to match your favorite color lighter.

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