What is Veganics

I do believe Veganics is the next logical step beyond organics. Actually, what we are doing here is Vegan organics. Because everything I use must first be certified organic and second be veganic. Meaning nothing derived from animals.

Kushman Veganics is almost exclusively plant derived nutrition. Almost because in very high yield situations with loads of light, CO2, and beneficial organisms it likely you may need to augment some micro nutrients and maybe some additional phosphorous in the form of soft rock phosphate. All of which can be acquired with organic certification.

The key to Veganics is really the soil. It must be supercharged with a wide array of beneficial microbes and fungi. This is the only way to make sure that everything you add is and stays 100% bio-available. Thus providing suitable nutrition from extremely low NPK. While also keeping plants respiring at full capacity by constantly devouring old dead root mass and keeping nutrients available through the entire acceptable pH range. That’s 5.5-7.0, rather than constantly adjusting nutrient solutions to keep it in the sweet spot. Adjustment of pH is virtually unnecessary when using Veganic nutrients in a Veganic medium.

Before the middle of the flowering cycle I like to do a few weeks of slight pH adjustment of my nutrient solution. When I add full strength of all my nutes, humic acid, and enzymes my pH can sometimes be as low as 4.8. After so many unadjusted waterings the pH of the medium may be dipping close to 5.5, the low end of the acceptable range. A small adjustment to 5.5-6.5 for a few weeks during heaviest feedings will make sure you don’t drop below 5.5, the only thing that should concern you about pH.

If you want to be able to manipulate and read pH like a professional there’s a tool for that. The IQ150 pH meter from Specmeters.com comes equipped with a meat thermometer style probe. Simply insert the probe into the root zone and know for certain what affect your adjustments are having. It gives extremely accurate pH and temperature readings in both soils and liquids.

If it weren’t for the Canna company of the Netherlands there would be no Kushman Veganics. A couple years ago I stumbled across their bio line of nutrients and soil. The Bio Vega, Bio Flora, and Bio Boost are 100% OMRI certified veganic nutrients. Used all by themselves they’re great.

A little humic acid to facilitate nutrient uptake. A few doses of Mineral Magic Micro nutes and maybe some cal-mag in high yield situations. Don’t forget an enzyme like hygrozyme or prozyme. Brew some microbe tea and you’re growing veganic heaven.

The Bio Terra Plus soil from Canna had been my first and only choice for a bagged soil without perlite. After running a side-by-side comparison there is another choice. Coco-Not (cuz it’s NOT coco)from Vermicrop Organics is made in the US from a waste product. Redwood bark and one other, the Kuki fruit tree. It seems to buffer pH and nutrients nearly as well as the Canna, and at almost half the price.

There are however two drawbacks. You will see terrible yellowing if young clones or plants are transplanted into Coco-Not. I think maybe the tannin level, along with high nitrogen will burn young plants. However, one month old plants love it! The second is absorption. I like to fill pots right from the bag and you can, but it will take a few waterings to for Coco-Not to fully absorb. Double up on the coco-wet, wet betty, or any surfactant for the first few waterings. Or saturate the media before planting.