The Amsterdam Beaker Based Glass Ice Bong features awesome Rastafarian colors. This bong is made for hardcore, Jamaican-loving medical marijuana smokers.

Boost Glass manufactures this borosilicate beaker bong that is made of sturdy 5mm thick glass and has reinforced tank joints to ensure decades of smoking memories. Boost Glass even designed the ice notches on the beaker bong to be equally as thick as the 5mm bong wall. 
In classic glass-blown artisan style, the mouthpiece is crowned in red, yellow and green Rasta-style glass beads for an extra thick outer rim to comfortably seal your hits.  

The Rasta-colored theme and the Amsterdam triple-X Red Light District styled decal make the Amsterdam Beaker Base Glass Ice Bong an awesome looking piece that will make your friends jealous. This bong is 50 mm in diameter and a blazing 18.1” tall.

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