If you want one of the best portable vaporizers on the market, then look no further, the Alivi8 Portable Vaporizer by Red Eye is fantastic.

The Alivi8 Portable Vaporizer by Red Eye comes from the creators of the Rokit V5 Bong Kit and the Amazed Metal Pipe. The Alivi8 gives you one of the world’s smallest hand held vaporizers, weighing in at only 4 ounces. It is made of the highest quality medical-grade stainless steel. This smokeless pocket rocket is designed to travel. No batteries, no electronics to break down, the Red Eye vaporizer vaporizes your medical marijuana without any combustion. Simply heat the end of the handheld vaporizer and the highly conductive medical-grade steel simply vaporizes the pure medicinal qualities into a smooth steam-like extract.

The Alivi8 portable vaporizer has a matching poker and is packaged in a stylish white box you can use for storage and display. Choose from silver, pink or orange, as available. The Alivi8 is selling quickly, so don’t wait, buy one now!

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