If you’re serious about keeping quality medical marijuana on hand, then stashing it in an air tight container or in the freezer just isn’t enough. To preserve the highest quality medical marijuana, you’ll need an authentic humidor, and the 00 Personal Humidor is ideal.

This is the mother of all personal humidors. Handmade in Spain from the finest cedar wood, this 18-inch long box will keep your prize-worthy bud in great condition. This finely crafted humidor speaks quality, from the smooth fine grain wood surface, sturdy metal hinges and clasps, to the finger joints at the corners.

The 00 Box Personal Humidor is designed with a 130 micron pollen screen to allow your primo kief to be collected by sliding out the bottom drawer. The drawer features wooden handles, magnetic closures and a removable glass tray to razor off and collect your prized pollen dust. With the 00 Box Personal Humidor, you’re equipped with a complete humidifying system to regulate optimum moisture levels.

Simply unscrew the gold discs beneath the lid, moisten the sponges with distilled water and replace. There’s no guess work here. You’ll be monitoring the optimum humidity level inside your humidor with the hydrometer dial on the face of the 00 Box. The 00 Box’s logo is marked in black on the bottom right corner of the humidor’s lid.

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